As our pupils grow in stature, so too do they tend to grow in number. By Year 6, children are preparing for their next step in schooling, and we provide a context in which their confidence and individual identities continue to emerge.

With greater specialist teaching, Seniors move around School more frequently and engage with a larger number of staff members. This prepares them for their transition to senior school in Year 9, as well as deepening their subject knowledge and helping them identify their enthusiasms and strengths.

Many of our pupils apply for scholarships at senior schools, with a high degree of success. But the real benefit of our approach is seen in the longer term: our alumni often go on to assume leadership positions in the next phase of their schooling. And they move into their adult lives as well-rounded, courteous and confident people who have strong roots and an adventurous spirit.

This all stems from our celebration of the individual person, always understood within the wider context of our nurturing community. Once they reach the Seniors, our pupils step up to the task of shaping that community, taking a lead with their younger contemporaries and understanding their responsibilities towards other people.

The results speak for themselves. It is said that you can always spot an Old Sherborne Prepper: they are kind, considerate, and ready for anything.


Heads of School