How many theatres does an aspiring actor need?' asked a parent, recently. Well, six, we felt. Indoor sports halls? Three. Swimming pools? Two, both indoor. Astro pitches? Three. Concert halls? Again, six. We may well be a small and nurturing Prep school nestled in the heart of a beautiful ham stone town, on the banks of a shallow clear river, leafy hills either side of us, but we pack a punch when it comes to sports pitches (15, at least), acreage, greenery (25-acres just for forest school, as an example) and views.  Just over 100 yards from the gently snaking Tudor architecture of Cheap Street, you will have to walk past our second Art Centre, Shooting Range, Hub Cafe, School Chapel and netball courts to get there. The Abbey dominates the skyline and is our 'go to' for the headline end of term events, and more.

In the heart of the countryside, in the heart of the town, with amenities enveloping us like a warm hug,  the only limitation comes with the hours in a day - there are extra sessions crammed into morning breaks, lunch hours, after school, in the evenings for the boarders (both flexi and full time), Saturday mornings (where the whole school takes part) and on weekends. All unforgiving minutes filled, here! 

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