At Sherborne Prep we know that each child is unique and we strive to provide a place in which they are able to safely explore who they are and who they want to be. We cater for all types of boarding: Full, Weekly, Flexi and Occasional and our aim is to provide a safe, happy and engaging environment so that your child feels secure and can enjoy their time here.

Whether boarding for a night, a week, a term or a year, your child will benefit from a close community of staff and children. Whatever style of boarding you may choose for them, the one constant is that they will quickly become part of the boarding family.

The boarding house is situated within the centre of the school and has separate areas for both boys and girls. However, whilst we cater for both genders independently, we are at heart a co-educational boarding environment and provide the same care and attention for all.

Boarding at The Prep should feel like a home away from home. School days here are long and after prep and supper, boarding house time is viewed as home time- time to play games, time to contact family, time to play with friends, time to get some help with homework or just time to relax.

Whilst all Prep staff are involved with the education and care of your child, there are also dedicated boarding staff who live onsite and are available 24/7. They are overseen by Mr Chiappa-Patching who lives in house with his wife and children and is the first port of call for both children and parents with regards to boarding.

We find that active children are happy children and our evenings and weekends are full of activities catering to the artistic, creative, physical and emotional needs of childhood. Weekends begin at lunchtime on Saturday and may include a sports match against another school. Saturday afternoon also provides the opportunity for a trip into town followed by a movie night or, on occasion, a social event. Sunday provides the opportunity for a lie in before an onsite activity or an outing.

An example of Weekend Activities can be found here.

Technology is encouraged, but limited primarily to communication. The internet is a wonderful tool and to properly prepare our children we must educate them in its use, but must equally be able to allow them as much time to enjoy being children as possible. Social media is not allowed in school and the use of their internet enabled devices is monitored by all staff. Education in its use is key and the school has an excellent dialogue with parents who may be concerned in any way.

We have a highly experienced catering team who prepare and provide an excellent range for breakfast, lunch and supper as well as well as catering for any specific dietary needs. The boarding family all eat together and staff keep a watchful eye to ensure children eat a balanced diet.

Sleep is important and bedtime begins at 8.15pm for the juniors and the lights are out by 9.15pm for the Y8s. After a busy weekend, Sunday night is a quieter night with an earlier bedtime for all in preparation for the week ahead.