Our dedication to providing the highest quality education and instilling a life-long love for learning from the start is the driving force behind every choice we make in our school. Our nurturing, child-centred environment allows children to thrive as they embark on their educational journey with us. Come and see for yourself!

Cassie Wood, Head of Pre-Prep



Our wonderful Pre-Prep is situated in the heart of campus, overlooking our newly built playground, playing fields and orchard. We accept children in to our Pre-Prep from the age of 3 and set up conditions in which children thrive, from Nursery through to the end of Year 2, to help them establish secure relationships with each other and our staff, instilling a love of learning, and laying foundations for their future.  

We keep in close contact with parents, using technology such as Tapestry (an online learning journal for Early Years settings) as well as more traditional forms of communication to share insights about pupils’ progress, development and successes.

Our curriculum is extensive and varied; children in Reception have Outdoor Learning, Art, Design & Technology, Music, Maths, French, and Handwriting lessons. They also enjoy an hour of swimming each week alongside their normal PE lessons. In Year 1 and Year 2, children benefit from French, Personal Development, Drama, Physics & Handwriting, Science, Art and Accelerated Reading lessons. All children have the opportunity to take up an instrument, whether the flute, recorder, or violin. 


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