Our Pre-Prep curriculum includes:

  • Reading and writing, with each pupil encouraged to work at their own level and progress towards the next step.
  • Maths, using Inspire as a whole-school tool that develops pupils’ mastery of the discipline from Pre-Prep through to the Seniors.
  • A topic-based approach to Science, History and Geography, enabling pupils to explore a particular theme in depth, by reference to each of the disciplines. Theme days throughout term focus on these topics, and we go on regular trips to enhance the learning experience.
  • Languages, with a focus on spoken French.
  • Sport, grounded in Functional Movement and with every child taking part in a physical activity such as aerobics, gymnastics, tennis, hockey, netball, football or tag rugby every day. This is augmented by a variety of clubs, in which pupils develop their skills in areas including ballet, golf, and tennis.
  • Music, with specialist teachers introducing children to music theory and composition, clubs including choir, a strings group, and recorder club, and individual tuition in a range of instruments.

Through this breadth of educational experience, we instil a well-calibrated moral compass, good manners and deep awareness of others. We help pupils develop their interests and find their passions. That way, we ensure they are set up for the next phase of their schooling, and for life beyond.