Welcome to Sherborne Prep – where our pupils are encouraged to seize every opportunity before them.

A very warm welcome to Sherborne Prep. We are a caring, nurturing, and inspiring community that places the holistic care of every child at the heart of what we do. Our staff are passionate, dedicated educators who are committed to supporting children to be happy, kind, courageous learners, and outward facing individuals. We also laugh, a lot! We are a vibrant school that celebrates the magic of childhood. 

We will push children beyond their comfort zones; to be ambitious for themselves but also for their community, be that through academic rigour, music, the performing Arts, sport, or adventure. Our children have character as they know they are safe to explore and will be guided throughout their time at The Prep to be ready for senior school and beyond. 

We hold our Dragon Values dear. Children are encouraged to be not only kind to others and themselves; they are also aware of others and the world around them. We aim to instil a generosity of spirit, to engender independence and curiosity in pursuit of experiences, to be honest and open and to persevere. Those who are brave and know that to reach your potential takes hard work will find the most success and happiness in life and our staff are with each child every step of the way throughout their Prep School days. 

We are a true community. Children have the best opportunity to thrive when the adults in their lives have a positive relationship. Our parent body is a kind and inclusive one. Joining Sherborne Prep means you truly do join our Prep School family- we are strongest when working together and this will enable our children to shine bright - to be ready for the future; to experience opportunities that not only will help them develop as individuals but also provide them with a desire to play a positive role within their local and wider community, developing  global citizens who will truly make a difference.

Annie Gent