One of our key roles as a preparatory school is to prepare children for their future senior school and to help parents with that choice.

Sherborne Prep prepares boys and girls to enter a broad range of co-educational and single sex senior schools, including Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls with whom we enjoy a close and enduring partnership.

We suggest that you start considering your child’s future school from Year 4 onwards, and we as a school will make time to discuss options with parents individually.  Increasingly, the senior school admission process starts three or more years before the child reaches thirteen. In certain schools, places are offered even earlier than that.  We advise parents and try to make the process of choice, application, and transfer as smooth as possible. There is constant communication between the Head and the Heads and Registrars of schools to which we regularly send children with whom we have built strong relationships. The Prep has sent children to the following senior schools in the recent past many of whom have gained scholarships, details of these are below:

2023 Scholarships
XGASherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
RCBKing's BrutonDrama Scholarship
CCSCSherborne GirlsAcademic and Art Scholarship, Music Exhibition
CRCKing's College TauntonDrama Scholarship
ACDSherborne GirlsAcademic Scholarship and Drama Exhibition
FMRGSherborne SchoolAcademic and Sports Scholarship
FMRGCanfordAcademic Scholarship
MHSevenoaks SchoolAcademic and Music Scholarship
MHSherborne SchoolAcademic and Music Scholarship
HJLHamptonAcademic Scholarship
FPMMilton AbbeySports Scholarship
PEPSherborne GirlsMusic Scholarship
WTPSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
FPKing's BrutonAcademic Scholarship
ESPSherborne GirlsSports Scholarship
CARClayesmore SchoolMusic Exhibition
RACRKing's BrutonMusic Exhibition
JRMSSherborne GirlsDrama Exhibition
LMSKing's College TauntonAcademic, Music and Sports  Scholarship
JPTSherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
2022 Scholarships
YZCheltenham Ladies' CollegeAcademic Scholarship
CLAcademic ScholarshipSherborne Girls
CLMusic ExhibitionSherborne Girls
MLLDrama ScholarshipSherborne Girls
OJKWellington SchoolAcademic Scholarship
OJKWellington SchoolPerforming Arts Scholarship
MTTTCanford SchoolAcademic Scholarship
AJABSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
AJABCanford SchoolAcademic Scholarship
EECKing’s School BrutonAcademic Scholarship
EECKing’s School BrutonAll-rounder award (Music and Sport)
EMDSSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
RJWSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
RJWSherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
NGCSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
AJABSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
MTTTLeweston SchoolAcademic Scholarship
WGWLSherborne SchoolDrama Scholarship
WGWLClayesmore SchoolDrama Scholarship
2021 Scholarships
CLWSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
TJRSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
AJRWSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
CASherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
CEASherborne SchoolMusic Exhibition
ABJAKing’s BrutonArt Scholarship
AGHGKing’s BrutonMusic Scholarship
HBSherborne GirlsAcademic Exhibition
RDTSherborne GirlsMusic Exhibition
RDTSherborne GirlsSports Scholarship
SRHKing’s BrutonAcademic Scholarship
SRHKing’s BrutonSports Scholarship
SRHKing’s BrutonMusic Scholarship
AMWS-BSherborne SchoolMusic Scholarship
JMSherborne SchoolMusic Scholarship
EJMMSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
AEPSherborne GirlsDrama Scholarship
JHISherborne SchoolDesign Technology Scholarship
HRMSMilton AbbeyDrama Scholarship
2020 Scholarships
RPAKing’s College TauntonAcademic & Drama Scholarship
OEBSherborne SchoolMusic Scholarship
OJCSherborne GirlsAcademic and Art Scholarship, Music Exhibition
TKMCSherborne GirlsAcademic Exhibition
AWJCKing's BrutonSports Scholarship
XFClayesmore SchoolArt Scholarship
JHFSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship, Music Exhibition & Sherborne Prep Award
JOGSherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
JOHBryanston SchoolDT Scholarship
RMHSherborne GirlsAcademic Scholarship
FERHSt Mary’s CalneMusic Scholarship
AJSherborne SchoolMusic Scholarship
DRLSherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
APOSherborne GirlsMusic Exhibition
MRRSherborne GirlsAcademic Exhibition
RGSBryanston SchoolSports Scholarship
WFTSherborne SchoolSports Scholarship
2019 Scholarships
STCAWellingtonSports Scholarship
TJAGSherborne SchoolMusic Scholarship
JRAMilton AbbeyHead’s Sports Award
ESRBKing’s BrutonAll Rounder Scholarship
HTCCSherborne SchoolMusic Exhibition
GCHFMilton AbbeyAll Rounder Scholarship
EBHSherborne GirlsSports Scholarship
JOBHSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition
AHHISherborne SchoolDT Scholarship
SAHIMilton AbbeyHead’s Sports Award
DMPBryanston SchoolAcademic Award
AJRSherborne SchoolAcademic Exhibition & Sports Award
LJCRClayesmore SchoolArt Scholarship
CJRSBryanston SchoolArt & Performing Arts Scholarship
EBHSLeweston SchoolMusic Scholarship
OGRTSherborne SchoolAcademic Scholarship
OAWStonarAcademic & Sports Scholarship
JXKing’s BrutonAcademic Scholarship
EJSYSherborne SchoolWilliam Yates Scholarship & Sherborne Prep Award 




For internal candidates, please click below to contact our School Receptionist, Laura, who will be able to make an appointment with the Head.