At the Prep, we are so lucky to be in the heart of the community already. As the only town Prep school in the area,  we have the great benefits of a beautiful Tudor high street a hop, skip and a jump away, while revelling in the luxury of 30 acres of playing fields, 25 acres of forest and multiple play areas around school to enjoy in break times, lesson times and for sport. We are blessed with the best of both worlds.

Being at the heart of the community is an aim of the school and runs right through our values: our motto is 'not for ourselves alone' and Awareness, Kindness and Generosity are three of our six Dragon Values. With another being Independence, forays into town for a hot chocolate, to the shooting range, theatre, fives courts, local community centres, Sherborne House Arts Centre, Retirement homes, Senior Schools and other local Primary schools are part of the curriculum here - we are so lucky having so much here, but need to stand on our own two feet outside, too.

To help pupils understand their place in the world, we have a busy programme of community outreach and charitable activities. We have received formal recognition from the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) ON BOARD initiative, which encourages and celebrates community action and engagement from independent schools.