Full BoardersYears 3 - 6£8,995per term
 Years 7 - 8£9,495per term
Weekly Boarders (5 nights a week)Years 3 - 6£8,210per term
 Years 7 - 8£8,400per term
International BoardersYears 3 - 6£9,750per term
 Years 7 - 8£10,250per term
Flexi Boarding1 night£50per night
Flexi Boarding (booked in advance - whole term)1 night£47.50per week
 2 nights£45.50per week
 3 nights£43.50per week


What is included in boarding?

Whether your child is an Occasional, a Weekly or a Full Boarder there are a variety of inclusions in the boarding fee. Enrichment (some charges apply for specific Enrichments), supper, evening activities, laundry service, and breakfast are all included for all boarders. Weekend boarding activities are billed separately.

What age can children start boarding?

Children can board from Year 3 onwards.

What is an Exeat weekend?

The school closes for two weekends a term and all the children must go home or to an accredited guardian. All Exeat dates can be found here.

What does my son/daughter need to bring?
  • Pyjamas
  • Home clothes
  • Wash kit and towel
  • Slippers, dressing gown
  • Reading book, teddy, anything that makes you feel at home!
How and when do I book boarding?

Email the Housemaster, Mr Chiappa-Patching and/or if you have any further questions about booking a night in boarding. You can book boarding for your child any night of the week.Please note that full boarders take priority over occasional and flexi boarders.

Can I get help with travel arrangements?

There may be the option for help with travel. Please contact our Head of Boarding, Mr Chiappa-Patching for more information.

Sherborne Prep is situated close to the centre of Sherborne, Dorset, within walking distance of the mainline train station between Exeter and London Waterloo. It is approximately two hours and twenty minutes from London by road or rail.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

A 10% sibling discount is offered when you have three children at Sherborne Schools (comprising of Sherborne Prep, Sherborne School, and Sherborne Girls).  

A sibling discount also applies where families have a third child at Sherborne School, but this only applies for the duration the children are at Sherborne Prep School. If the third child, then joins Sherborne School or Sherborne Girls, he or she will have the sibling discount and not the oldest child who had previously received it. 

The fourth and subsequent children will receive a 15% discount.