If you have any further questions about the Prep and academics, Briony Harris, Senior Deputy Head, would be delighted to answer them. Please do click here.

Do you have ability sets?

The School does set in Years 7 & 8 for Maths and English and looks closely at all year groups and the range of ability. By timetabling core subjects at the same time provides flexibility. In Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Studies), French and the Sciences, the children are taught in a higher group and lower ability group – Wessex and Powys. The sets are reviewed constantly as the year progresses. And for Drama, DT, Art, Music and ICT, the children are taught in their pastoral tutor groups. This allows for a good bond to develop with their peers in form groups. The core premise is always to act in the best interests of all our children.

How and what type of prep (homework) is set?

Students in Years 3-5 should have daily, repetitive tasks for their Prep. Students in Years 6-8 have prep set by subject teachers. We ensure that prep is meaningful to their learning and should not take longer than 20 minutes to complete unless an extended task is required for examination preparation. The majority of prep should be completed during study time, with the Form Tutor form actively guiding the students. For exams, teachers may set exam revision for the holidays preceding, if they believe it is required. We strongly believe that a key to a child’s development is reading. The teachers will read with your children during lessons, but we strongly encourage children to also read at home.

I do not know much about future schools. Can you help?

One of our key roles as a prep school is to prepare children for their future senior school and to help parents with that choice. We suggest that you start considering your child’s future school from Year 4 onwards, and we as a school will make time to discuss options with parents individually. 

Increasingly, the senior school admission process starts three or more years before the child reaches thirteen. In certain schools, places are offered even earlier than that. We advise parents and try to make the process of choice, application, and transfer as smooth as possible. There is constant communication between our own Head and the Heads and Registrars of schools to which we regularly send children with whom we have built strong relationships. 

We are always happy to meet with parents to discuss the options – we understand how important the decision is. Please contact the School Office in the first instance, who will be able to make an appointment with the Head who can advise and support your decision making.