If you have any further questions about our Boarding, Dan Chiappa-Patching the Head of Boarding would be delighted to answer them.


Can we have tuck?

A small tuck shop is run most nights, but all-in moderation and as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Are we allowed our phones/electronics?

Phones and game stations are allowed but are regulated to maintain a child’s wellbeing.

What do we do on weekends?

Sherborne Prep has an excellent Saturday Activity Programme and, in the afternoon, most of our children participate in sport.  On a Sunday, our boarders either get out into the magnificent south west of England for a walk, treasure hunt, paintballing, to a water park, or up to the Forest School for roasting marshmallows.  However, we provide enough space and time to relax – being a boarder is busy!


How many boarders on a weekend?

Most of the Prep’s boarders remain in school over the weekend. And many classmates come in and flexi board at the weekend to have fun with their friends.

How many international boarders?

The Prep is careful about balancing the mix of international boarders to ensure there is a balance across the Prep and year groups. We have a panoply of international visitors and many of our children make friendships that endure and visit them in their home countries.

What happens over exeat?

Many of our children either go home or are cared for by accredited guardians.