Our focus at Sherborne Prep is on the whole child, and this is never more apparent than with our Early Years and Pre-Prep provision. We understand that these are precious days in a child’s development, where the habits formed will last a lifetime.

We put our Dragon Values at the heart of everything, celebrating kindness and compassion and showing attentiveness to the individual personality of every pupil. Our Personal Development programme permeates the curriculum and School life, giving us a chance to concentrate on the formation of pupils’ characters as well as their acquisition of life skills and knowledge.

What is more, with a deep and focused relationship between form teachers and pupils, there is always a first point of contact for children or their parents to raise concerns, celebrate successes and mark the passage of time.


Our commitment to forming children for the future means we nurture every aspect of their character and wellbeing through our curricular and co-curricular activities and our ethos of care and compassion. We understand that happy children are more likely to thrive educationally, and that academic attainment isn’t the only important factor in their lives.

That is why we deliver a holistic education that encourages individual expression alongside an appreciation of the value of community. Our pupils look out for each other, and our staff model the very best practice when it comes to pastoral care.


We care deeply about our pupils’ achievements, whatever they excel at. Through our Personal Development Programme and wider ethos, we help them learn how to cope with failure, to laugh at their mistakes and find solutions in times of challenge. In these ways, we hope to instil resilience and tenacity: skills that set children up for the rest of their lives.

We also help them develop their relationships with others. Through small acts of kindness, leadership and generosity, they see what an impact they have on the people around them. Our guiding motif is one of servant leadership: it’s something we seek to model throughout our community.


To help pupils understand their place in the world, we have a busy programme of community outreach and charitable activities. We have received formal recognition from the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) ON BOARD initiative, which encourages and celebrates community action and engagement from independent schools.

Our activities include an ongoing link with local care homes, donating to the Sherborne food bank and supporting local charities including the nationally recognised Sherborne Viral Kindness project. Our pupils are enthusiastic fundraisers and frequently carry out activities independently as well as with the School, to contribute to charities they are passionate about.

As a result of this altruistic focus, our pupils come to understand themselves better, and are inspired to make a difference in the world. What’s more, they are better able to live by our School Motto:

Non nobis solum, or, Not for ourselves alone."