Our Science programme aims to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of Science by making the subject as hands on as possible; children learn and understand effectively through investigation. Every pupil is encouraged to reflect on their findings and apply theoretical learning and their results to new situations; they gradually extend their scientific knowledge and understanding and exploit connections between Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Often working as individuals, there is a generous amount of time allocated to team work which we recognise as a vital skill. Scientific ideas and models are used to explain phenomena and events as well as the application of Science; classwork and projects develop an awareness of the impact of developments in technology on the environment and other contexts, including the implications of Science for the individual and the community. Whilst the main aim of our work is to prepare every pupil for the next stage of their education, we also hope that they develop an ever increasingly sophisticated understanding of and respect for science in the world around us and an appreciation of how they might play a part in using science to protect life on Planet Earth.

Sherborne Prep Curriculum Science

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