Sherborne Prep School Scholarships and Awards are open to all children applying to join the school for entry into Years 3-7 and are held in late January / early February each year. To apply, all prospective candidates must complete and return an application form by the last Monday in January. All candidates have a short informal interview with the Headmaster or Deputy Head. Talent and enthusiasm are especially sought.

The Prep offers academic, music, sport, art, design technology, and all-rounder scholarships.


Candidates are expected to show potential and ability. Special strengths, such as sporting, dramatic, artistic, musical, technological and cultural achievements, should be described on the application form, and any evidence of enthusiasm and commitment to these areas should be submitted. Candidates will sit short tests in English and Maths and also participate in workshops to assess their skills and potential in other areas.  Although we will be assessing the children’s abilities and potential, it will be a fun morning for them as we believe we will see the best of them if they are feeling relaxed.



Academic Scholarships: Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the tests taken on the day, and informal interviews. All candidates will sit tests in English and Maths, and will complete a piece of writing. If your child has shown particular flair for a specific subject do ask his subject teacher to write a reference for us.

Music Scholarships: Candidates should ideally play two musical instruments and will be assessed by the Director of Music. As a guide, candidates entering Year 7 should be of at least Grade 3 standard on their main instrument and must show evidence of good musical ability. For entry into Year 3, musicianship and signs of promise will be taken into account.

Sport Scholarships: Candidates are expected to demonstrate a range of ability across more than one sport. We are looking for character, leadership and potential to run alongside a strong desire to improve and develop as a person. Applicants will take part in a practical assessment and interview as part of the process. We will also endeavour to watch the applicant play in a game for club/school where possible. Candidates must also provide two references from sports coaches at their school and/or sports club.

Art Scholarships: Candidates for Art awards will need to produce a portfolio of their work, and will undertake a practical test and an informal interview with the Head of Art.

Design Technology: Candidates for Design Technology awards will need to produce a portfolio of work and will undertake a practical test with the Head of Design Technology, who will also conduct an informal interview.

All Rounder Award: Candidates are expected to show potential and ability in two areas, one of which is academic.  If you wish your child to be considered for an All Rounder Award, special strengths, experience, performances or cultural achievements, should be described on the application form, and copies of any relevant certificates should also be submitted.  All Rounder candidates will sit computerised tests in English and Maths, and will be assessed as above for their 2nd scholarship subject. If your child also has strengths in any other areas, please tell us about these on the form too.

Scholarship Information 2020

Scholarship Application Form 2020


Bursarial support may be available in cases of demonstrable need and are awarded in accordance with the School’s bursary policy and on the receipt of a means-test form; they are subject to annual review.  Please discuss any questions you may have with the School’s Bursar.

Please telephone the Registrar on 01935 812097 or email for further information, or to request an application form.