Prep 7-13

We focus on educating children of all ages, to make the most of their abilities so that your child will progress to senior school as a confident, independent and resourceful individual, with a joy of learning, and well prepared for the future. At The Prep we encourage your children to take a lead and to develop their particular interests and talents.  At the same time, we are here to protect and guide them, make them aware of the demands and pitfalls of the world and ensure they are equipped with the strengths, skills and habits of mind to be both successful and happy. The result is a warm and friendly family atmosphere, in which children interact in a community which embraces education with enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

We are a non-selective school, as we don't believe in pigeon-holing children, but rather that our role is to encourage every child to embrace all the wonderful opportunities on offer, and to discover and develop his or her talents and interests to the full.  We are proud of our reputation in Dorset and throughout the South West as one of the leading independent schools, at the forefront of private education, and truly preparing your children for lifelong learning.  The Prep has a 100% success record at Common Entrance, and on average, over 38% of our pupils each year go on to senior school with a scholarship or award.

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