The addition of a leadership and life skills element to the more generic PSHE curriculum has made great positive changes to the culture of the school and the attitudes of the children. There is so much to learn and so few years to learn it. To that end, we have built in two lessons of Personal Development for all years each week.

From how to sew a button, to how to rise above body shaming in the media. From how to start your own business, to how to light a fire with damp wood and flint: we have been building a broad and rich bank of life lessons on top of the superb academic and cross curriculum already provided. There are discussions on kindness, persistence, failure and manners. Throughout the term we recognise small acts of leadership, but more importantly make the children recognise them, promote and praise them and value them among their peers. There are weekly challenges, mentoring programmes and time created to applaud the great positive work that the children are doing for each other and the outside world. It is hugely encouraging to see the children soak up these life skills and relish these learning opportunities that we can offer them.