Our Policies

Please download any of our key policies you are interested in from the list below.

The School

COVID-19 Safe Charter

COVID-19 Remote Learning

COVID-19 Support to Key Workers

COVID-19 Safeguarding at Reach


School Aims, Ethos and Mission Statement

Timings of the School Day



Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

GDPR and Data Retention Policy

Equal Opportunities

Supervision of Pupils and Missing Pupil Policy

Supervision of EYFS Pupils Throughout the School Day

Accessibility Plan

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Induction, Training and Professional Development Programme

Recruitment of Staff and Single Central Register Samples

Supervision of Ancillary, Contract and 'Unchecked' Staff

Independent Listeners Policy for all Pupils and Boarders

Access to the Premises by People Outside the School



Health and Safety

Accident and Incident Form

Areas of Higher Risk in the School

Fire and Fire Prevention Policy

Lockdown/Serious Incident Protocol

Minibus & Supervision of School Journeys



EYFS Administration of Medicine and Sick Child Policy

First Aid and Medical Policy

EYFS Pre-Prep First Aid Policy




Behaviour Management and Discipline

Excluding Pupils Policy



Curriculum Teaching and Learning

Particulars of the Education and Welfare Provision for Pupils with Special Learning Needs

Particulars of the Educational and Welfare Provision for Pupils with whom English is an Additional Language

Teaching of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Personal Development (PSHEE) Policy

Covid-19 Working at Reach


Internet  and Digital Safety

E-Safety and Safe Use of Technology

Remote Learning


Boarding Principles, Provision and Procedure

Boarder's Induction and Support with Personal Problems

Boarder's Handbook


Concerns and complaints

Parental Complaints Policy

Staff Disciplinary, Grievance and Whistleblowing