Virtual Art Exhibition 2020 - The Joy of Art

Jun 17th 2020

Despite the current need for social distancing, at Sherborne Prep School we felt it important to continue with our annual art exhibition. Although it is a virtual exhibition this year, we hope it gives a real insight into the wonderful art work produced over the past three months. 

A few words our Head of Art, Mr Velazquez:

I am immensely proud of my pupils, and even more so under these unprecedented circumstances all over the world. Art has always been present during times of global crisis, wars and pandemics, reminding us of the power of expression and the ingenuity of our minds. At Sherborne Prep we believe in that power and celebrate it as a manifestation of life itself. This virtual gallery represents a fraction of the art produced by you during lockdown and we are excited to share it with the rest of the school community. 

Thank you to all of you for your art and to parents for encouraging and supporting artistic expression at challenging times, a credit to your creativity and vision.

Thank you for allowing art to shine through dark times.

Please click below to view the gallery online:

Click here