Talented Staff Musicians Begin the Fund Raising

Oct 18th 2019

We have an enormously talented team of Visiting Music Teachers and full time staff here at Sherborne Prep and last night, instead of teaching, they performed in what was a superb feast of music.  Mr Sissons opened the concert with a flourishing Chopin Etude, displaying his virtuosity, followed by Mrs Stewart's sensitive interpretation of 'O Mio Babbino Caro.   Mrs Slogrove's beautifully expressive performance of Wedding Day at Troldhaugen by Grieg was then followed by Mrs Berry's intricate and stirring violin playing with Vivaldi's Winter.  Mr Fisher then changed the mood with his gentle and delicate viola rendition of the Musette by Vaughan-Williams.  The old and the young came together with Mr Fawbert and Mr Sissons calling on our own star percussionist, Alex J to join them in the bluesy and evocative jazz piece, Makin' Whoopee.  Keeping up with the lighter vein of this part of the concert, Mrs Riquelme-Toomey gave a dazzling performance of Gershwin's Prelude No. 1.  We all felt for Mrs Allen whose technical equipment failed, however she will give the children a taste of what might have been during assembly after half term.  Hot-footing it from teaching elsewhere, Ms Coles went straight on stage to give the most extraordinary and heartfelt rendering of a little known piece by Lisznyay-Szabó. The newest member of the team, Mr North, who has just become a father showed no sign of sleep deprivation when he gave a mesmerising performance of his own composition.  He certainly had the audience completely enthralled.  Mrs Fawbert then reduced the audience to tears with her comedic entrance dressed in wellies and a riding hat thinking she was playing the Post Horn Gallop only to discover that she was down to play a piano duet with Mrs Slogrove - Galop de Concert.   The riotous duet brought the concert to a close after an hour of pure joy.  Thank you to all the staff for giving their time and talent to produce such a brilliant concert and to the audience which was warm and encouraging throughout.  Finally, we have kick started our fund raising for Mosaic and The Breast Cancer unit in Yeovil Hospital by raising over £150. https://mosaicfamilysupport.org/