Prep Launches Pioneering Physical Screening Programme

Mar 27th 2019

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We are excited to announce that Sherborne Prep will be pioneering a revolutionary system of movement screening and intervention throughout the school. We have been working closely with Functional Movements Systems (UK) over the past 3 months to collect data as part of a pilot scheme with Year 5 in order to create an individual profile for every pupil to build clear and personalised development pathways. We are looking to roll this out across remaining pupils in Years 3-8 over the Summer Term 2019. This innovative scheme aims to improve movement efficiency and focuses on physical literacy.  
 “This programme is not about competition or elite sport – it’s about everyone. At Sherborne Prep, developing movement habits and preserving movement health of young people is a priority” commented Huw Thomas, Director of Sport at Sherborne Prep. “We encourage healthy, active children and we aim to instil a lifelong love of sport and activity. Through this cutting-edge scheme, we are looking to ensure that each and every child can move efficiently and correctly whilst building their gross motor skills. Society is constantly changing and we need to support and prepare our pupils for the future.”  
“The Movement Patterns programme screens for movement efficiency to ensure that every child has the basic foundations of movement quality. There will be seven movement tests providing specific and individual feedback,” observed Huw Thomas. “Working with FMS UK, we will collate information from these tests to build a set of bespoke exercises for each pupil to support balance, mobility and stability.” “We are delighted to be in collaboration with Sherborne Prep as one of our lead schools and the only stand-alone prep school integrating our programme within the UK. It has been incredibly enjoyable working with such an energetic and forward thinking school which puts their pupil’s future in society at the forefront of their vision. I firmly believe that this initiative gives Sherborne Prep the leading edge when it comes to developing physical literacy and movement wellbeing for children.” said FMS UK Chief Executive, Peter Bowler. “The platform can be accessed through an integrated FMS UK App – by phone or tablet – it stores every child’s results and establishes a movement passport that can be monitored continually. A report is automatically produced outlining any necessary areas for development and a training program is then established - this is available to be emailed to parents at any time.”  FMS are considered leaders in the world of movement. After two decades working with and testing their theories with elite athletes in the Football Premiership, the NFL, US Military and Navy Seals, FMS are now refocusing their attention on schools and junior sport. 
“We are investing significant resources into this scheme because we believe in the value of supporting the wellbeing of our pupils and their physical development as we prepare them for their future. The benefits of this programme will positively enhance all aspects of their school life, both in and out of the classroom. This relationship with FMS UK reinforces our continuing commitment to providing the best possible outcomes for each pupil within our community.” Nick Folland, Headmaster, Sherborne Prep School.
For further information, please contact: 
Mr Huw Thomas Director of Sport Sherborne Prep School 01935 816538 / 07535 135105