Old Preppers relishing golfing success

Nov 2nd 2020

It’s always lovely to see our Old Preppers doing so well at their respective senior schools. Theo and Elizabeth were very good golfers when they were at Sherborne Prep a few years ago. Both comfortably demolished the Headmaster’s confidence in a round or two at our local golf clubs, and they have both gone on to be far better players! Both now play off single figures and were already heading that way in their latter years at The Prep. The poor Headmaster is yet to recover. Now Theo and Elizabeth are representing Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls’ School in the English Youth Golf Championship Finals. We wish them well and know they will rise to the challenge. We are delighted that The Prep played a hand in their development both as young golfers and as fine young characters. They are two wonderful ambassadors for our School.