New Year Resolutions from Year 8

Jan 11th 2019

To end a great first week of the Lent Term we thought you would like to see this wonderful (and original!) New Year Resolution poem put together by our Year 8s...!

I shall not eat my food too quickly
Even when I am in a hurry.
I will not eat with my fingers
Even when it is naan bread and curry.

I will not talk to someone
When I need to rush.
I will always eat my lunch
Even when it looks like mush.

I will not chew my pen
Even when lessons are boring,
And the teachers are talking about exams in the future 
And everyone else is snoring.

I will not argue with my parents
Even if I`m really cross,
And I will study hard tonight
So I don`t feel at a loss.

I will not chat with my friends
When the teacher is talking.
I will finish my homework on time
Though I`d rather be outside walking.

I will not stare out of the window
And I`ll make sure I follow the class.
I will go home straight after school
Instead of playing on the grass.

I will not chew gum in lessons,
Even if my friend gives it to me,
I will listen to the teachers talk,
Even if it`s History.

I will not leave my room untidy
Even if I want to go and play,
I will not throw my clothes on the floor
Expecting mum to tidy them away.

I will take care of my dog,
Even though she has long hair.
I will not cut it to make it short
Even though brushing it makes me swear.