Michaelmas Musical Highlights

Nov 21st 2018

Congratulations to everyone who performed in last night’s Michaelmas Concert 2018 – it was a triumph! Led by our fantastic, Director of Music, Yvonne Fawbert and her team of ‘top draw’ peripatetic music teacher, the evening was a true showcase of our range of talented musicians we have at The Prep. The evening began with a performance from the Middle School Choir, showing humour, actions and fun harmonies. We then were treated to an impressive number of very young musicians with our Mini Maestros performing ‘Let’s Rock’ with concentration and the creation of beautiful sounds. Led by our multi-talented Gap Tutor, Miss Hyde, Our Lower School Choir then sung ‘Listen to the Rain’ in gentle tones using whispers, sound effects and clever body percussions to create a captivating ‘rainscape’ for us all. 

We then moved on to our instrumental ensembles with a cool and moody piece from the Guitar Ensemble, with great jazz solos from Charlie and James, ably supported by Alex on the drums and Mr Rigby playing the bass guitar. A tremendous effort went into the Saxophone Ensemble especially considering they were missing a player! But they held their own and entertained us all with a lively performance. A hint of festivity was brought into the evening with our Cello Ensemble playing ‘Carol of the Bell’s and then it was back to our choirs with the Senior Choir singing ‘This is Me’ with power and pride. Some impressive and brave solos from Olivia, Max, Eva, Oliver and Flora created a strong start to the piece before the final crescendo from the choir. Our Abbey and Castle Trios were on stage next -  Flora, Ella and Eleanor played a technical and impressive piece to perfection followed by another tricky piece, ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ performed by Alice on the flute, Rosanna on the oboe and Samuel on the clarinet. 

Next, it was the turn of our brass musicians with a funky and rhythmic rendition of The Pink Panther from our Brass Ensemble and our Dragon Trio showed excellent timing and confidence in their unaccompanied piece with Joseph on the trumpet, Archie on the trombone and Will on the euphonium. How fantastic it is to see children so competent in playing such a wide range of brass instruments at this stage of their school careers. Likewise, it was heartwarming to see our orchestra, which encompasses such a huge range of age and ability, create a rich texture of sound as they performed the Skye Boat Song. Our award winning Chamber Choir performed to their now expected level of perfection as they sung ‘Adoramus Te’ with refinement and energy, followed by ‘Java Jive’ demonstrating tight harmonies and stunning solos from Eliza, Oscar and Ted. 
To round up this memorable evening our bands filled the stage with an entertaining performance of Hello Dolly by the Digby Dixieland Band and a lively rendition of Swing Fever was a fitting finale from our Jazz Band, demonstrating exceptional drumming talent from Alex and clear enjoyment from all involved.

This Michaelmas Concert is always one of our highlights of the year and last night’s performance certainly did not disappoint- it was a true celebration of all the musical talent at The Prep and thank you for all the huge time, effort and dedication that our pupils and staff put into this very special evening.