Mastering the slippery slope

Mar 25th 2014

What a glorious spring day- perfect weather for a day on the slopes. The waiting buses whisked the excited children off for another day of excitement and adventure. On arrival at the dry ski centre, we were divided into seniors and juniors. Whilst the seniors kitted up for skiing, the juniors prepared for their snowboarding experience.

What a fun packed session. The instructors' provided hints and tips to push the more experienced to the next level, with various degrees of difficulty being provided which was great for those wishing to perfect their technique.

The beginners had great fun on the lower slopes with the instructors keeping the tuition fun and interactive. It was great watching them grow in confidence and attempting slightly more difficult routines.

Following the morning session we set off to their lovely, picturesque picnic area to have our packed lunch. Just as we were settling down to eat, the heavens opened, and the next thing we knew we were being pelted by hail stones! The ski centre had even tried to lay on true, winter weather for added authenticity. No sooner had the storm appeared, it then thankfully disappeared and we set off up the hill for our afternoon session. Arriving a little early for our second session, we had time to sit and relax by the fire in the Alpine's café with a cup of hot chocolate and a few tasty treats.

The afternoon session was as fun filled as the morning one.

We have some very accomplished skiers' amongst us and there were some fabulous individual performances. As expected there were a couple of spills. Sasha won the trophy for the most spectacular one with a brilliant jump but a rather heavy landing! Undeterred he was soon up and onto his next jump.

Outstanding performances by Angus, Edward, Sasha, Alberto, Miguel, Lucas, Nathan and 'No Fear' Charlie. Charlie's perseverance was particularly admirable. He wouldn't stop until he had mastered his jump. There was always with a little celebration after landing safely.

Learning to Ski and Snowboard is always a great experience and the children had a brilliant day. It was a lovely venue with excellent instruction and well worth another visit.