Lady Mary inspires the Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep has been learning all about Lady Mary Bankes and her determined heroism.

During the English Civil War Corfe Castle found itself on the front line of the conflict between Parliament and King Charles I.Owned by the staunch Royalist Bankes family, the formidable Lady Mary made it her home and stood firm whilst almost all of Dorset came under the control of Parliament. She withstood a six-week siege in 1643 but, during a second siege a couple of years later, she was betrayed by one of her officers who allowed enemy troops disguised as reinforcements to enter the castle. Lady Mary was forced to surrender. However, she was allowed to keep the seals and keys of the castle in recognition of her courage. 

The whole school was educated and entertained in equal measure by Pre-Prep's re-enactment of the siege in Assembly. The Pre-Prep then enjoyed a vertical learning day where they were put into mixed aged groups and tried their hand at making pottage, building canons, casting keys and designing period clothing.

The trip to Corfe Castle itself on Tuesday allowed the children to see for themselves what a motte and bailey castle looked like and to discover a real trebuchet!