Joint Schools Concert 2019

Nov 26th 2019

We thought we would share these lovely photos from the Joint Schools concert held at Sherborne School on Friday 15th November. This was a collaborative concert featuring our own Chamber Choir, Dixieland Jazz Band and our Barber Shop group, alongside the Sherborne Schools' Sinfonietta, Sherborne Girls String Quartet, Leweston Cantemus Choir, Sherborne Girls Aldhelmsted West Choir and Sherborne Schools' Sinfonia. Our Dixieland Jazz Band were exceptional, the Chamber Choir were out of this world and the newly formed Barber Shop group was a joy to watch and listen to. We also had numerous pupils playing in the junior and more senior mixed school orchestras, alongside many Old Preppers. It was a fantastic experience for our pupils and how fortunate we are to be part of this unique community of Sherborne schools.