House general knowledge quiz enjoyed by all

Nov 2nd 2020

Congratulations to Romans for winning the House General Knowledge competition organised by Mrs Gent. What fun it was, as questions were streamed into all Form rooms, with pupils sitting in their House teams of mixed ages. Pictorial Rounds included well known people, and well known places of interest. Anagrams also had to be worked through as well as a surprise picture of Guess Who with a very cheeky looking 5 year old Headmaster. The final results are as follows: Senior winners, Trojans; Middle School winners, Normans; and Junior winners, Romans. It was very close, but overall Romans came out on top. House points awarded: 20 to Romans, 15 to Normans, 10 to Greeks and 5 to Trojans. Thank you Mrs Gent, the pandemic will not stop us from having lots of House Fun!