Have a Safe & Happy Easter

Mar 20th 2020

The Lent Term at Sherborne Prep School draws to a close this afternoon and the children are looking forward to enjoying the holidays with their families. It has been a busy term and particular congratulations should go to our Year 8 scholars. 45% of the year group gained 22 awards across a range of disciplines to their senior schools of choice.

Despite the Government’s decision to close schools for teaching until further notice, we are looking forward to the start of next term on Monday 20th April with our online learning platform. The children, staff and parents have been busy training on the new system over the past few weeks and it will allow the children to follow their timetabled lessons from home if we are physically unable to return to school.

We'll be posting all our news and updates on our news feeds and social media platforms and of course keeping you all up to date with the 'The Non Nobis Solum Challenge'  - see earlier news for details! 

We hope you all have a safe and happy Easter break - look out for one another and remember "Non Nobis Solum" - Not for ourselves alone.