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Winner for Sporting Achievement

Independent Schools Of The Year 2021

Micro-Adventure - Masses of Fun! 

Jul 7 2022

Still buzzing from a long and furiously competitive Sports Day only hours before, a small group of pupils, the inaugural Micro Adventure Guinea Pig team, joined Mr Poulain and other members of staff on a micro-adventure - a night spent camping... at a secret location! 

The team assembled on the Front Lawn for their briefing, kit check, and launch. The scenario: Sherborne Prep has been invaded! Escape, avoiding baddies (bizarrely dubbed by the team - SpiderVicars) via a circuitous three-mile route to find a safe haven elsewhere. 
The Pink Flamingos, overseen by Miss Chatfield, soon knuckled down to work: Hattie, Alma, Martha and Honor formed an instant collegiate gathering, working out the first clue given by quizmaster/pathfinder Mr Hamilton.

In a different style, Miss Harper's Orange team of Bella, Tommy, Felix, Beatrix, and Tristan set off at a cracking pace, ignoring the clue and hoping to bump into the right spot through trial and error.
The Roberts Green team of Eddie, Harry, Wills, Cosmo, and Max F were left puzzled for quite some time, but brains won out and they stormed through.
Red Team - Rose, Tilly, Luke, Ianto, and Max, injected with competitive verve by Mr Arkwright, seemed to know exactly where to go, instantly.

A series of twists and turns, lateral thinking and precise orienteering by compass led the teams in different directions through West Sherborne and onto Lenthay Common, then beyond.
Once near the friendly country of Wykelandia, Mr Poulain gave the update: The Prep Friends had airlifted supplies and dropped them to a nearby field - it was now for them to find and gather them.
Food, water, tentage, bags and firewood found, the determined Preppers built a camp and settled down to bangers in buns, humous and oatcakes, carrot sticks and smores for pudding.

Into night routine, having marked a glowstick route to the ablutions, we found ourselves being attacked and had to carry out several sorties (games) of capture the flag, watchtower 'it' and an Australian bush tag brought to us by Max F. The plan was to exhaust (both us and the enemy).
Bed followed (not very) soon after, with sleep (not very) soon after that.

The dawn chorus was rudely awakened at 5am by the (not very) gentle chirrups of our glorious Guinea Pigs, as they rose to a brush of teeth, gulp of water and giggle about the night before. A forced route march back to Reconquer the Prep, and a feast of bacon, eggs, porridge, cereals, and toast. The breakfast of champions!

They are weary now, but they did VERY well. I thank them all, as well as Messrs. Hamilton, Arkwright, Roberts and Patching and Misses Harper and Chatfield for their humour and endeavours, volunteering their evenings for the trip. Bravo all! - A Poulain

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